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Name:A-Data Technology


Brand Introduction
Adata technology was established in May 2001, is the founder and CEO of the post served as chairman of Mr. Chen Libai. Chairman Chen Adata was founded at the beginning, namely arms become "leading brand product manufacturers global memory application" ideal, integrity-based, honest professional, excellence performance under high growth performance and profitability for the company. In the early days of business memory (DRAM) module as the main product line, then focus on the application of flash, then put into the development of flash application products. At present, Adata's main product line has been covering DRAM and NAND type flash memory and peripheral products applications, including memory, flash disk / flash memory card, SSD hard drives and mobile hard disk. And are used in products on the global leading position, Adata technology in memory module industry in 2005, has emerged as the world's second largest, and continue to maintain the leading; flash cards, according to global market research institutions iSuppli 2011 report published in April, has become the world's third largest market share of manufacturers, which is ranked in the top 20 in Taiwan international brand, NAND Flash has more than 500 items related to international patent. As the world's leading brands, Adata knows professional and innovation, in order to create a competitive advantage, therefore, Adata products from industrial design, raw material procurement, production process and quality inspection, all through the implementation and test of Adata professional most rigorous; and Adata not to break the spirit of innovation, efforts to develop differentiated quality products every year, get international awards.
Product Series
Memory, flash disk / flash card, SSD solid state disk and mobile hard disk
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, portable devices, communications / networks
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